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Tembo Tiles Limited helps you complete your paving project with high quality pavers delivered at your convenience.

Ready Mix Concrete

Tembo Concrete Ltd. the leading manufacturer of TILES, BLOCKS, and PAVERS, is continuing to set the bar in the cement industry with a READY MIX CONCRETE batching plant. We are the solution to your construction hardships with proven mix designs and state of the art concrete pumping service. Tembo Concrete Ltd is also registered as “class one” Specialist Contractor on Landscape and concrete container yards.

The Tembo Advantage
Whether you're a contractor constructing an office building, or a housing developer with dozens of homes – or a homeowner who needs a new driveway – you can count on Tembo Tiles and Tembo Concrete for:

Knowledgeable, friendly service that never loses sight of your needs Timely delivery to keep your projects on schedule

High quality concrete, designed to meet your exact specifications Concrete pumping service

Competitive pricing

To get the best performance, Tembo Concrete select and test the finest materials for use in all our cement mixes. Our superior granite aggregates come straight from Lugoba, and fine sand is properly sieved so that each mix will be consistent. Because we represent high quality, we use only the best additives, and cement available.

Before selling our products, each mix design goes through months of detailed testing in our fully equipped laboratory. On each day, our laboratory technician’s are designing and testing current mixes, as well as established mixes, assuring that the properties are consistent and within specifications. Need a special design? Its no problem. Come in and let us know. We are here to help your project succeed.


Tembo Concrete Ltd has three line for massive production on Paving blocks each with 25,000 pcs ( 500 m2 ) per day per shift. For pre-cast Kerbstones both 150mm and 100mm thick, Paving slabs, and covers the capacity per day is 400 pcs per day per shift.

We have self loading , offloading crane trucks, long base trucks and semi- trailers trucks for delivery of the materials to site. We can supply to site up to 600 m2 per day using our own Trucks. If the requirement is more that that we can hire more trucks.

Tembo Concrete Ltd has a capacity to do massive laying for Paving blocks with a rate of 300 – 500m2 per day. Four to five teams can be engaged at site and each can lay up to 200m2 making a maximum of 1,000m2 per day. For big job we can arrange for separate teams as many as possible and lay up to 1000m2 per day.